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Posted by LEX C on

 PLEASE... STOP🤚! Don't do this to yourself. You are only making the pain worst.

It's easier said than done✅... but the breakup WILL HURT😢 in order to HEAL.

It didn't work because God has something bigger and better planned for your life.

You just have to let go, let God and BE STRONG💪 IN FAITH.

If you have to cry😢 go ahead CRY😢 it all the way out until you can't anymore and if you need to vent.... meditate..... and really THINK 🤔things through for yourself.

Venting to friends and family sometimes could be good or bad but in the end you're just going to do what you want to do anyway.

The best thing to do is meditate and figure it out with yourself.

Keep busy, meet new people and hang out with friends!

This is the healing process... before you know it you'll be back to normal and you'll forget the pain even existed!

LOVE ❤God and all of YOURSELF first!

Trust the process

Toddles 💋

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  • I absolutely love this! It’s so true ?? Just the conformation I needed ? You’re amazing

    Nayster on

  • Damn… that definitely touched a soft spot

    Champs on

  • Always right on time ??

    Ju Ju on

  • Yes, I needed this! Thank you Lex ?

    Troi on

  • Bomb! So true. Trust the process !

    Dougie Newton on

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